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Having stumbled on to /r/lockpicking I immediately fell into the addiction. I love that the system was gamified with a series of belts (similar to martial arts rankings) that guides participants on how to challenge themselves in a meaningful manner. I plan on keep track of progress on this page and share any more meaningful or interesting tidbits in dedicated posts. For anyone interested in joining in I suggest perusing the subreddit (specifically Beltranking) and the group’s Discord which is highly active.

White Belt

  • Acrylic Lock - [Pic]
  • Master Lock #1

Yellow Belt

Orange Belt

Green Belt

Blue Belt


Starting off my infosec journey more on the cryptography side I have always wanted to go through and complete the Cryptopals series. As both a reinforcement of the basics and expanding my practical knowledge going through the exercises offers the perfect mix of theoretical and hands-on to push my boundaries in the cryptography space. Progress and the coding itself will be stored on Github.


  • Problem Set 1 - Basics [8/8]
  • Problem Set 2 - Block Crypto [2/8]