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Hack the Box - Jarvis

HTB Jarvis machine walkthrough. Jarvis involved a SQL Injection and a web-shell for initial foothold into sudo and filter bypass to User pivot with a final systemctl abuse to pivot into root.

Hack the Box - Haystack

HTB Haystack machine walkthrough. A particularly well designed ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) based machine offering a chance to dig into the full logging stack.

Hack the Box - Safe

HTB Safe machine walkthrough. A contentious box from HTB requiring a custom developed ROP (return-oriented programming) exploit tied into cracking a KeepPass database.

Hack the Box - Ellingson

HTB Ellingson machine walkthrough. Web enumeration and python console abuse for initial foothold, finding sensitive backup files and hashcat cracking for User pivot, finally into a ROP based overflow exploit for root priviledge escalation.

Hack the Box - Writeup

HTB Writeup machine walkthrough. A relatively easy with an 'out-of-the-box' CMS exploit for User priviledges and an interesting login behavior abuse to pivot to root from there.

Buffer Overflows - CTF Prep

A practical buffer overflow case study presentation to our local red team explaining basic concepts and approaches.